Hedva Atlas Ben David - Simcha To the Hebrew version

In her exhibition, entitled "Simcha" which opens on the 28th of June at the Tova Osman Art Gallery in Tel Aviv, Hedva Atlas Ben David is presenting a series of children's portraits using various painting techniques such as pen sketching and acrylic and oil painting, on canvas, paper and wood.
The majority of works are based on old as well as on more recent photographs of children taken from the artist's family album. from which she isolates individual figures. disconnecting them from any context or otherwise "natural" background. Trans-locating these figures into a vacuum often painted black and red, renders them orphans, distorts them and imposes on them the burden of responsibility of the empty void. This absurd spectacle-alleged children worn-out before their time. alleged grownups - offers a grotesque and heart touching poetics.

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